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Hair Matters Part 2

Posted on: March 28, 2011

I finally did it! I am now officially a natural hair wearing girl!! And I am so happy! I litterally feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I feel liberated and free.

Natural ME!

It is amazing how distorted my perception of my hair was. I thought that my natural hair was this ugly, nappy,  jungle of knots and tangles that would never be tamed. Turns out, my hair is beautiful natural. Its curly, not nappy and it’s not a jungle of knots and tangles but is actually very manageable. I think that I will actually be able to handle being natural. And what’s funny is that no one in my family, myself included, knew that my hair is naturally curly. Turns out, my hair is almost exactly the same texture as my mom’s. And now that it is short, I look so much like her.

The cut was met mostly with compliments and praise, some from my fellow natural friends, some from friends who are regular relaxers and some who are not black at all. There was some opposition of course, though. My own little brother said “so….you’re gonna let it grow back right?” and another friend asked “where is all of your hair?” Im still trying to read my grandmother who seemed to say it was a nice cut with a bit of a tone. And my aunt who apparently told my nana it was a shame that all of my long beautiful hair is gone. The funniest reaction though was from my granddaddy who upon seeing me said “oh you got you hair done.” Followed by him doing a double take and yelling, “Oh my God! Oh my God! You cut all your hair off! Betty! Betty! Betty come here! Oh my God!” All of this was said as he retreated from me as if I punched him in the gut. SMH is my only response to all of the extraness that was my granddaddy in that moment who is normally the strong, silent type.

And as usual, I must also say my own pros and cons about my hair. I am happy to have such a low maintenance hair style. And I am loving having healthy hair. I am appreciating learning about my hair and because it is starting short I will get to explore new and different ways to style my hair. The cons, I can’t wear hats, I’m gonna have to always be on point with the eyebrows, makeup, earrings and cute headpieces. And I must say that I do miss my long hair a bit. It kept my hands busy when I was talking to cute boys. It blew in the breeze when I drove with the windows down or went for  runs, walks (who am I kidding, I don’t run anywhere except in my dreams) on the beach. And sadly I will no longer be able to whip my hair back and forth like little Miss Willow Smith…although this is probably a good thing, as I will no longer have to wake up with neck pains after a night out.

The bottom line and my own lesson learned is that natural hair and relaxed hair are both beautiful.

I'm not quite here yet, but I am happy that I finally gave it a try

So it’s a process, and it is beginning with this first challenge: finding products that make my hair soft and keep it conditioned. Suggestions are welcome, especially if I can get a sample size of the product. Originally, I was gonna set ground rules for myself about how long I would have to keep my hair natural before deciding that I hate it. But I don’t think I need those anymore, because for once I don’t feel like I’m having a fight with my hair. I am very excited for it to get longer so that I can actually play with different styles, but for now I’m just taking it easy and enjoying the extra 10-15 minutes that I’ve gained in my morning routine!

Too Cute!

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