From my heart to yours


Posted on: August 25, 2015

I believe in the magic of first kisses,

In the innocence of holding hands,

In the excitement of kissing until my breath is taken away.

I believe in the comfort of curling up in his arms after a long day,

In the joy of joy of listening to his heart beat through his chest,

In the bliss of realizing that he is mine.

I believe in fairytales;

Not the ones that Disney wrote.

I believe in my own.

In my fairytale he is my King, not simply my prince,

With his perfectly melanated skin,

His full lips,

His tangled curls,

His deeply smooth voice that intoxicates my soul.

He is my fairytale.

He is my dream.

I will give him my whole heart willingly.

Waiting on my King.


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